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New Triumph Video--Reimplantation Surgery
Posted by Michelle on 10/25/2006 10:03 AM
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CBS4 Denver has posted a new video about Triumph's successful reimplantation surgery a couple of weeks ago. You can read the story and watch the video here:

Posted by Triumph on 10/11/2006 7:56 AM
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Click to view: Reimplant Surgery
Hi Everybody

Boy am I glad that is over with. Mom and I flew to Denver Sunday. Monday at Alameda was a day to remember.....radiographs, blood work, motion studies in the lab and at 2pm my surgery for the successful reimplantation of my right rear leg.

There were 18 people in the surgical suite...2 more surgeons assisted Uncle Bob, my Aunt Heather was again my surgical nurse, Godmother Carol of Healing Touch for Animals ran energy on me the whole time, Jenna was my anesthetist, Bobbie circulated others observed, CBS news, Animal Planet,Greg, the president of BioMedtrix who made my implant, folks from Hangar Group who are developing new prosthetic feet and on and of course was hovering with her nose stuck on the observation glass with her earphones connected to the surgeons watching and listening to everything.....

It was a long and difficult surgery with some snags....they placed metal bands around my bones before the started to ream out the canal to help prevent any fracture. I had lost some bone mass in the last 3 months since the time they took out the old implant. That left the wall of the bone a little thinner in one place plus once they began reaming the canal they ran into a malformation inside the canal which had to be calls were going back and forth to Uncle Chris, the engineer, in New Jersey and relayed back into the operating room on how to overcome the obstacle. Overcome it they did....a silly little millimeter at a time....they did the reaming by hand.....very slowly....would stop and take a picture to see where the ream was and how far it was so the implant would fit very precisely.....finally the canal was ready...well sort of....they had to hammer the implant in and out several times until it was perfect and finally it was in place and they finished the surgery......everyone was very happy with the results....Uncle Bob says we couldn't have asked for better. I have have the best team in the world......come to think of it the ONLY team in the world.The radiograph taken right after surgery show everything is exactly where it is supposed to be.

I have my usual bandaging and am on a couple different medications and being kept comfortable so I don't feel much pain. I am walking with assistance, I've started to eat and have enjoyed my usual root beer popsicle and animal cracker treats. I just love being spoiled! If all goes well and my leg looks good to Uncle Bob I hope to go home on Thursday. Everybody says I am an AMAZING dog.

I overheard that the first human may receive the first permanent implant near the end of November.....somebody said I was a big help in making that happen....I hope they do as well as I have.

I'm tired now and have to go for my nap so....bye for to you all.....Triumph

CBS NEWS DENVER Nominated for an EMMY for their series on me
Posted by Triumph on 10/11/2006 7:56 AM
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Click to view: CBS News Denver
Kathy Walsh of CBS News Denver told mom last night that they have been nominated for an Emmy Award for the series they have done on me....isn't that terrific....I certainly hope they win....everybody think positive on that one.....Triumph (the star)

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