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Another Surgery
Posted by Moe on 10/18/2007 5:14 PM
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Triumph came thru her surgery yesterday as only Triumph can do......we've always known at some point we would have to address that left front paw with the mangled toes and as of late it just became too painful for her to walk comfortably and we reluctantly had to make the decision to amputate the 2 center toes and pads. I was with her all the way before, during and after surgery as was her Godmother Helen (dvm) and her "Uncle Scott" at Animal Care Center in Mt. Juliet did the usual...EVERYBODY but everybody at the vets office had to talke to her, cheer her on etc.....brought her home a few hours later since there is noone at the facility during the night......had everything here at home to take care of her....iv meds etc....she has a cast at the end and is being her usual "I'm OK" self. As of an hour ago...less than 24 hrs out from surgery, she got up on her own and walked about 3 feet (to the food bowl of course)....stood while eating and then sat dow n again. Overall she is doing great....drinking, not wanting to go outside to potty yet but that's ok......we have pee pads under her...(she's had several "local" baths today)....I think part of the hesitancy about walking is because now there's a cast on the left front and implants on the back so she's unstable but will figure out how to walk with the cast soon

Today she shifted to oral pain killers and antibiotics and I expect by tomorrow she will be doing even better....we will keep everyone posted........hugs....Moe

I'm still a celebrity
Posted by Triumph on 10/7/2007 9:35 AM
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I really jumped all over mom and told her it was way too long since we updated everyone (and that hurts when you have implants). I wanted you to know that I'm still a celebrity. I continue to see the kids at schools and the hospital. This last week I was featured on a half page in The Lebanon Democrat and another half page in the Mt. Juliet News.

I spent yesterday at the Mutt Strutt Event where they raise money for rescues like me. It was a lot of fun and lots of dog friends and of course just everybody pet me, had their picture taken with me etc. I was the guest of honor for the day.

Mom let me have a couple of the endless offers for treats, but she explained that I really have to loose 5 lbs again.....darn it.

I have been less active because my left front paw has gotten pretty sore. Now that I have the back legs up and running so to speak it has put more pressure on the front and where the two toes were damaged back when they cut off my back legs and I now have a problem usual, the good news is that mom has taken me to Dr. Scott Gables here and he is going to take me into surgery and fix it for me so I can get back at chasing the squirrels at full speed. (My sister Taz got a skunk but I stayed away from that because I'm the smart one.) Mom sure had to work at getting her smelling good again.Can't say much for the way mom smelled either for awhile.....she wasn't real happy with Taz. My other sister Whisper can't stay out of trouble either....she seems to think that mom put in all the new flower beds at our new house for her to dig a hole to lay in......

Mom also got a book in the mail called "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Dog Lover's Companion" My story is in there....check it out at Lots of great dog stories. Mom says she never knows where I'll turn up.

Mom really has been busy...she's studied real hard and now is an instructor in Pet Emergency Training and teaches everything from cpr, rescue breathing, how to prepare for disaster etc... you can learn about those courses at she goes all over doing that. There's a picture of me on the website too.

There's some new pictures now so check them out....I will let you know how my surgery goes......lots of love and hugs....Triumph

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