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Leg Amputated
Posted by Triumph on 10/19/2008 10:39 AM
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Click to view: Amputaton we went again on another road trip to the University and I was examined, tested, poked etc. by a bunch of doctors and all came to the same wasn't a matter of just taking out the implant, the infection had become so very invasive that my whole leg had to come intern Josie was very nice to me and took good care of me...the surgery was kinda long but went very well and my sutures look great....they put a "Party" hat on me so I couldn't reach my stitches to lick them.....(I wouldn't do a thing like that) came back as soon as they would let her and gave me a whole bunch of love and healing touch....they made her leave but she came back that night and even took me out so I could potty....and of course she was right back there again the next morning.

I'm home now and have had a follow up with Godfather Scott up at Animal Clinic and he says I'm doing great and don't have to go back until the stitches are ready to come out. I am very bruised on my tummy and have razor burn but mom is putting some of her remedies on me and it feels better. Mom assists me when it's time to go outside and I enjoy the fresh air......I cannot start to learn to use my cart until after the stitches are out but mom assures me we'll start and do a little at a time.....meanwhile it is BORING to just lay around but mom insists I need to rest and get built up again......I do get tired pretty easily, lost a little weight but I did not loose my appetite so I'll catch up soon.

I have a few picture up and we will take more as we continue to make progress.........thank you to everybody who prayed for me and sent all the good Triumph

Triumph On Wheels
Posted by Moe on 10/13/2008 5:53 AM
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CBS 3 in Springfield, Massachusetts aired a news story last week, about Triumph's trip to Eddie's Wheels for Pets last week to be fitted for a new mobility cart. We hope the cart will keep her healthier and more comfortable than the prosthetic leg implants did. Watch the video here: Canine Wheelchairs Give a Second Chance.

the road trip/good news/sad news
Posted by Triumph on 10/10/2008 12:13 PM
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Click to view: my new wheels
boy was it a long ride....almost 3000 miles before we got there and back but you should see my new wheels.

unfortunately I started to not feel so good and my leg really started acting up as we headed north. Mom continued to give me meds and clean the infection and do everything she was supposed to but.....after a few days I really got worse, tired, pain in the leg and didn't feel like eating said we're heading back home and directly to the vet. I refused to put my leg down at all because it was just to uncomfortable.

Uncle Scott (my vet) took one look at me and was very unhappy....said we had gone as far as we could with the leg and the implant has to come out. He gave me lot of medicine and ran all kinds of blood work and had mom give me a bag full of IV fluids during the night to keep me hydrated. Just how much of the leg will go with the implant we don't know yet. I am being admitted to the hospital on Monday and will have surgery either Tuesday or Thursday so send some extra prayers and positive energy. I am spending the day today with Uncle Scott and all my friends at the Animal Care Center getting more medicine and fluids....they spend a lot of time cheering me up......I sure got my cart on time

Mom will keep you all posted Mom's sniveling a lot but I keep telling her it is only one more challenge in life and I will feel a lot better and get around even better than I have.....I PROMISE I WILL BE HELL ON WHEELS!!!!!

Posted by Moe on 10/1/2008 7:58 PM
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well, I was waiting with the hope I would have better news but.....the infection is back again worse than ever.....we have been treating it for the last 5 days and some of the swelling has gone down but the drainage continues...... we are going on a "road trip" Friday to Massachusetts to have her measured for a cart at Eddie's Wheels...( abt. 2500 miles round trip)it will be custom made and at this point it looks like the implant will be removed within a short time later. Meanwhile, the cart will reduce the impacting on the legs. Continuing infections will only eventually loosen the implant, result in bone damage, osteomyelitis or a bunch of other nasty possibilities. The recent bone scans show that at this point there is no bone damage so we are going to get pro active here. I am not willing to put her thru any more. Her vet here feels we have gone as far as we can and we learned a lot more......Triumph is the only dog left that still has her implants in....the others that were done have also failed due to infections. The process is far from perfected. I am sure once she adjusts to the cart she will be hell on wheels....she'll be a "sled dog" after all....and she will be used to using the cart before the implant is removed. I want quality of life for her not pain and suffering. We will keep up the website as best we can....I am taking the computer but will be limited to internet access.....will also try to take photos of her "event" She will get nothing but the best I assure you all. You can check out and see for your self what wonderful work they do there. I researched very carefully before making a choice. Our vet felt that the measurements should be taken there because of her unique situation and several unusual considerations that have to have the exact adjustments.....

so--off we go.....of course we have to continue her be sure to get rid of all of the usually takes about a week for them to begin to kick in.....right now she'd like to kick me because I'm either scrubbing and cleaning the wound or shoving 2 different meds down her 5 times a day....I'm running out of ideas on how to disguise the damn pills...the liquid isn't too bad

wish us well and please keep the prayers

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