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going on National TV again
Posted by Triumph on 10/28/2010 1:33 PM
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wow, mom got word last night that I have been choosen with a couple other dogs from over 400 that were interviewed all over the states to appear on a program on Nov. 14 at 3pm our local time. here's the link you can also look up from there what time it might be on a station near you.

I am so excited. Its Tales for the Petlover's Heart and bound to be good. We were also happy to learn that they donated $14,500 to one of our local shelters. We did our part by voting and sending out lots of emails so everybody we could reach could vote for them. They really desearved it. Mom's daughter adopted a dog from them....guess that makes him some kind of cousin....his name is Bugsy and he is a riot.

Be sure to tune in....hugs Triumph

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