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I Got the TURKEY
Posted by Triumph on 11/24/2005 12:00 AM
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What a day. Today Mom turned me loose in the back yard to look for the turkey. Of course she was hovering but I was on my very own....she let go of my "handles" and let me look for the turkey as promised. I looked and I looked but it wasn't out here. The walk was so very wonderful let's me walk around inside the house on my own now too. It feels so good and I'm as tall as the other dogs now....maybe a little too tall....trying to get used to these new legs.

Mom made me some leg warmers...cut the toe out of some baby keeps the dirt from getting in and keeps me from licking the part where my skin is attached to the implant. I do lick the bottom part and keep the titanium says they won't rust and not to lick them when it's freezing cold or my tongue will stick to them. I keep wearing the rubber tips out but mom says Home Depot has lots more.

Anyway I finally found the was right in our kitchen and believe me from the time I found it 'til the time it came out of the oven I wouldn't leave it. Somebody had to guard it. It smelled sooooooo good and after all it was MY turkey. Mom said she finally found a way to keep me in one place....cook a turkey! I shared some with the rest of the family and my sisters....Thanksgiving is about sharing.....but there was plenty for us all.

I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful holiday and I want to again thank all of you for all the sharing you have done with helped make today very SPECIAL!

Posted by Triumph on 11/16/2005 5:13 PM
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Today was a really big day for me. We arrived in Denver last nite after a very bumpy ride thru the storms.......I was good tho and did my usual best lying at mom's feet....I did get to have some cheese crackers that a little baby fed me when he came down the aisle to visit me. They have snow here in Denver and it is cold! Of course that is ok by me but mom isn't real happy about it.

We went to the clinic this morning and it was pretty awesome. Everybody was so happy to see me and how well I am doing. Uncle Bob (Dr. Taylor) was very pleased with my progress and how well I am healing.

Some decisions had been made on how the best possible outcome for me could come about. doesn't have to bandage my legs every day any more....but I can't lick them either so mom will have to watch for that not.....I know she has something up her sleeve on that front. Any way, the decision was to put on a titanium extension which for now is straight and has a rubber stopper on it at the bottom until I get used to the change in height. Keeping my leg straight for awhile longer while I am getting used to this is critical because when they put the angle piece on it will put more stress on my bones and Dr T. does not want that implant to wiggle and cause a fracture. My radiograms looked good, and everyone was pleased on how the skin has integrated.

The new parts are pretty shiny......I walked right away when they put me down. It does feel awfully high tho......we then went to the motion lab to do some studies to show whether we have to lower these a little and how I am walking.....I walked and walked....I'm tired. Unfortunately the computer software decided not to work so....we are going back to the lab tomorrow morning at 8 AM. for more walking and more tests...then meet with Uncle Bob and make the final determination on the height....if they have to be shortened, they will go back to the lab in New Jersey and be sent to mom who knows how to attach them.....they taught her takes a special tool. It did hurt just a little when they attached them because they have to be tapped on with a hammer over the extension part of the implant.....but I was good......did let them know it hurt tho.

There were a bunch of special people there to meet me today....a lady who donated Dusty's Garden at Alameda East where I went out when I could during my recooperation from is a real pretty garden with flowers, greenery, benches and stuff...another gentleman drove all the way from New Mexico just to see me walk....he and his family donated the motion study lab where my work is being done and boy he's really special...they were in an accident on the way here and fortunately they were not .....CBS news with Kathy and Bill of course were there along with I think all the staff at the clinic......all of the folks who one way or another have contributed to my new was awesome.

Tomorrow I will have a picture to post of me and my new legs and I'll fill you in on the motion studies and the decision on my leg height. The stage I am in right now...phase two of three is very critical. It is the time when we find out if the bones are going to take the can turn me loose a little bit now without support when I am around the inside of the house in small areas and when I am in the soft grass outside she can just hold onto the leash instead of having to continue the support at the same time with the walk-about belly've made incredible progress with more to come....I will be able to chase the January when they expect the final phase 3 with angle and foot.......I'll chase snowflakes and let them melt on my face while mom freezes in Denver....:) .....and be completely on my own!

I love you all and your wonderful support.....Triumph

General Update
Posted by Moe on 11/11/2005 1:14 PM
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Well it's been quite a couple of days! Following my latest appearance on TV I got an email from the great country music singer Jamie O'Neil and I even got to watch her last nite on TV.

I'm getting more email and today got one from Alameda saying that the next phase of my legs will happen next week. The parts are being shipped to Denver on Monday and once they get Uncle Bob's OK I can go and get them. Oh Boy....another plane ride and learning how to walk in a whole new way.

This morning mom had a call from Montel Williams TV show and they want me to be on their show.....imagine that....we'll see what happens.

You can also check out that I have a whole page on the Healing Touch for Animals new web site.

I'm getting around but I promise I won't let the stars get in my Triumph

Another New TV appearance
Posted by Moe on 11/11/2005 1:01 PM
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Well, here I am again!!!

NBC Channel 4 in Nashville did a story and you may still be able to see it at the above address.

Mom is going to try and put together a DVD of all my appearances......that's if she (the non-computer guru) can figure it all out. She's getting better........

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