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Boy have I been BUSY!
Posted by Triumph on 11/16/2009 8:51 AM
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WOW what a week it was last week.....I was on the front page of the paper on Wednesday, on TV on Friday and helped raise money for Hope's Haven Rescue on Saturday. I'm putting some pix under "Busy Week" in the album..the newspaper didn't scan real well and I don't know how long the link will be up on my tv appearance but it's

Saturday was real exciting helping raise money for the rescue. It is a local one which made it special. The best part was when 2 more dogs were adopted found their forever and loving homes. I spent the rest of the time showing everybody my picture and story in the book.....they loved my pawtograph in the front.....(I have a purple paw).....the ink is non-toxic and water soluble but if you do it a bunch of times like I did it doesn't come off right had to scrub my paw a lot! I met so many wonderful people and of course I loved all the children....everybody gave me hugs and kisses and belly scratches.....I sure was tired when I got home but it was a huge success.....we are going to do it again too because it take a lot of money to feed, house and meet the medical needs for my rescue friends and winter is just starting so everybody needs to be warm with blankets and dog houses, etc.

Stay tuned as they say more stories will be coming soon.

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