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Posted by Triumph on 12/24/2005 11:00 AM
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To all of you who have done so very much me..

The past year it is almost overwhelming, all that has happened and how very many people were involved in changing my life and how generous all those people were.

I just want to thank everyone for everything they did….especially those at Alameda East, Dr. Taylor, Dr “D”, Heather, Carrie and the entire staff for the wonderful care they gave me. There were all those I never got to meet in person and whose names I just don’t know but to try and recognize a few...Biomedtrix for the design and manufacture of my “legs”….those who stayed late at work to make everything happen, Precision Metal and Machine for their work on the “legs” …….gosh I wish I knew everyone’s name for I sure don’t want to leave anyone out. Can you believe anyone driving all the way from Santa Fe to Denver just to see me walk…and along the way had an accident which totaled the vehicle but still made it there to see the first steps on my titaniums? Thank you Bruce and for the motion lab which helps us four leggeds get evaluated so we have the high tech stuff that helps us walk better. Thank you Susan for the beautiful garden at Alameda where I took my first steps after surgery and was able to get some sunshine and fresh air.

Thanks to Healing Touch for Animals and staff along with Carol Komitor who was there for me all the way and lets us stay at her house (and chase her cat Joey)… and the donation of my little red wagon which let me continue my visits at the children’s hospital during the time I couldn’t walk…and thank you for setting up the Triumph Foundation where folks are contributing to offset all the expenses.. “Uncle Orville” who was by my side the day of surgery and always is sure to see me when I go to Denver…he even gave me a special water bottle I take on the plane so I don’t get thirsty, Lisa who books all my flights and the flight attendants who see I get those great little cheese fishes….Margo for helping us maneuver thru the Denver airport……Michelle who volunteers and does my web site… “Godmothers” Coral, Belinda, Renin, and Armagan who helped start this journey to the USA three years ago…..someday I am going to meet them too. There are so many unsung heroes in my life…….I get emails from all over the world as far as Sweden from my friend Gunvor and “care” packages from Veronica and gosh just the concern people express when they see me. Thank you Dee and “Charlie” for holding down the fort at home and taking care of my five sisters so mom and I can make the Denver trips.

Of course there’s Cathy and Bill from CBS Denver who keep me looking like a star .

Mom says I’m an inspiration but it’s all of you who inspired me with your generosity. I know one thing for sure……it’s been a long trip from Turkey! Please know that each and everyone of you who have joined in my journey have a special place in my heart.

Well I gotta go give mom a hard time…..her day wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t have to chase me a little and remind me that my journey isn’t quite complete yet and I have to slow down….I’ll try to help with the housekeeping by emptying the waste baskets on the floor so it’s easier for her to pick up…(I get bored)…at least I only leave two paw prints when I come in from the muddy walk when it rains…and then I’ll play hide and seek and she’ll have to find me when she is at her busiest……..I love you all……Triumph

Posted by Triumph on 12/11/2005 9:40 PM
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Click to view: MY CHRISTMAS TREE
WOW...what a day we had....Mom, Dee and "Charlie" (her real name is Susan and she is my sister....) and I all went off in the truck. It was a beautiful ride to a tree farm to get our Christmas tree. It was 29 degrees...I was very comfortable but moms said her nose was freezing.....anyway we got the saw and off we went. I turned down quite a few trees and saw a couple that needed fertilizing so I made my contribution....then, there is perfect. Everyone agreed so Charlie got down on the cold, wet ground and she sawed and sawed while the rest of us looked on....she did a great job. Then we took our tree to the big barn where they shook all the excess needles out of it and wrapped it in a big net and put it in the truck.

After we got home we decided where to put it and tomorrow we are going to decorate. I will keep you updated after it's decorated. I am going to try to get my other sister to pose with me but mom said something about trying to get 6 dogs to sit still all at the same time might be a chore.....we'll see........I'm tired now so nite Triumph

New Friends at Stones River Center
Posted by Triumph on 12/7/2005 9:26 PM
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Click to view: Stones River Friends
I made a whole bunch of new friends today at Stones River Center in Murfreesboro, Tn. What a special bunch of people they are and they thought I was pretty special too sporting my titanium legs. I have been invited back any time I am in the area. They just covered me and smothered me with love....even those who were a little timid at first. I couldn't to all the walking but I had my wonderful wagon from Healing Touch for Animals and got around just fine. They had great Christmas decorations and a very beautiful tree. I will go back again one day.

Posted by Triumph on 12/1/2005 8:53 AM
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WOW....CBS Channel 4 in Denver did a wonderful job once again in covering my last visit to Alameda East and "Uncle Bob" along with many of my other friends who help me. Check me out....

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