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Triumph's surgery....went well
Posted by Moe on 3/13/2009 3:59 PM
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Triumph came thru surgery this am to remove a tumor on her belly with flying colors....lab results will be back next week.....surgeon feels it is probably a fatty lipoma that had begun to enter the muscle wall but the lab wanted biopsies.....we decided to just take the darn thing the process of the surgery we found that she also had a of course that was taken care of too.......the vet knows me well enough and let me bring her home tonite as they do not staff the place at night up there and she knew I wouldn't leave her anyway......we left the IV catheter in so I could give her meds as needed and directed....she is now in her own bed sleeping comfortably inside a 6 x 6 pen in the middle of the living room where she can see what's going on as usual but not move about (which I doubt she feels like doing anyway)......she can have some water later and food in the am.......feeding time here came around and everybody got to eat but her and she gave me the look of how come I'm not getting anything so I put a couple ice cubes in her bowl and then I got the you gotta be kidding look......sorry......maybe an animal cracker later tonite as a treat when she gets her 2nd led light pad treatment.....will post results on the site as soon as I get

A word from Mom..some concern
Posted by Moe on 3/7/2009 1:59 PM
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Earlier this week I discovered a lump in Triumph's belly and took her immediately to the vet. Two needle draws were done...two slides made and the initial diagnosis was that it was a fatty lipomy and all should be well but we needed to send the slides to the lab.... if it got larger we would remove it meanwhile just leave it alone.

Today the vet called and the lab report was not all we wanted to hear.....there is some concern....they were not willing to commit to it being just a fatty lipoma....they wanted some biopsies done. We have made the decision that rather than just do the biopsies, we are removing the mass entirely and sending it off to Auburn University where they will make a full diagnosis of exactly what it is. Surgery is on Friday the 13th in the afternoon. We are still fully optimistic and expecting all to go well and in about a week get a good report; but of course as usual, prayers will go a long way. I have received permission to be in surgery with her and will be at her side every minute before, during and after to see her thru one more thing and bring her home where she will receive all sorts of extra loving and have a rapid recooperation.

As soon as we have the lab reports, I will post them here at her site.......thanks for all your support.......Moe

I'm Baaaaack
Posted by Triumph on 3/7/2009 1:42 PM
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Click to view: sisters, Duncan & Birthday
Hi everybody--it's been awhile but mom's been pretty busy. She finished her schooling and is now a certified animal cruelty investigator.....she's also been busy with so much going on as usual. Anyway I've been doing very well with my legs.....still don't want to use my cart because I know I'm perfectly capable of just mom who says she wants to reduce the stress of my impacting on my implant.....phoo phoo I do use it tho because she makes me and it isn't bad it's just not my preference but she is concerned that I could hurt my leg in one of the hole the other dogs dug out in the yard......Whisper has been digging a pretty good size hole around one of mom's favorite trees and they've had a couple conversations about is going to put brick around the base...I think Whisper won that one.

We just celebrated my 6th year with mom and my sisters and that latest addition Duncan....he really is a pretty good guy and we play a lot together--he even puts his whole head in my's been trying to get a picture of that but he's pretty fast. I enjoy playing with him....he really is kinda lovable. My birthday was special....I got a new toy, had a very special dinner....we all got some salmon which I love and mom and I went for an extra long walk because the weather was so beautiful. It's hard to believe we've been together 6 years--that makes me about 7-7 and 1/2 years old altogether. It's been quite a journey. We tried so hard to get a picture of all of us but noone would stay still so I'll have to just show you my sisters and Duncan separately in this album this time....we'll keep know mom--she never has the good sense to give up on anything. We're going camping this month and I'm looking forward to that, I passed my Delta Dog Therapy renewal test again so I can visit schools and hospitals....I'm still emptying the wastebasket in the kitchen when I get bored or mom leaves me for a little while.......Duncan and I decided we could become chefs if we read a couple of mom's shredded a few pages up....ate some (how else could you know if the recipe was any good) and we both pooped paper for two day and got a good scolding from mom........seems we tried out one of her favorite recipes....oops

hope you ike the latest pictures of the "tribe" you all, Triumph

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