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I'm Home.....
Posted by Triumph on 4/29/2009 7:16 PM
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Hi everybody...I'm home and doing really well as always. Monday was a rough day for all of us. Mom was of course kinda emotional after all we had worked pretty hard for over 6 years to keep me in some kinda "legs" and we were at the end of an era. But the end of one thing is merely the beginning of a new journey together.

Just as we were getting to start prep and do the surgery the power went you should have seen how still everybody stood...that happened a couple more times so Aunt Lindsey (my other vet) went and got some battery operated lights for back up--wouldn't do to have the power out in the middle of an amputation. After they shaved my butt (how humbling) they had a hard time finding a vein since I have so very much scar tissue from all my previous events....Godfather Scott said to put me to sleep and they would do a cut down and find one for my fluids. Next thing I know I was going to sleep. I don't remember anything after says everything went very smoothly....she of course was right in there in the middle of things in the OR with me providing energetic and moral support knowing I was in the very best of hands with Aunt Lindsey and Godfather Scott. Aunt Lindsey is a bit height challenged and she had to stand on a stool...ha did very well until they cut the bone and then she cried.....but it is just one more challenge and I always meet them so I don't know what she was worried about. My leg was sent to BioMedtrix to Uncle Chris so they can study it and learn from it to help other animals as they develop new methods for implants.

Next thing I sorta remember was I was on a stretcher in the back of mom's car headed was decided to do that because I would be closer to Godfather and Aunt Lindsey didn't have any other animals that required night staff....they put up all the meds for mom (and she does know what to do) and off we went.....I sang every northern wolf, malamute and siberian song I knew to her on the ride home--anesthesia will do that to ya you says she wishes she could have recorded it--who knows it might have been the next #1 hit.

I was happy to be in my own bed....but I was pretty out of it and when I began to have some pain there was mom with her handful of syringes and off I'd go again.....wheeeeeeee I was hungry the next morning and mom gave me a little food and lots of water and took the thing in my arm out and said I could just take pills from there.....I slept a lot and it was pretty hard the first time mom got me up to go outside to potty....I was glad to get back to my bed.

Mom has sent my cart off to Eddies to be readjusted....I can't use it for a couple weeks anyway until all my stitches are out..she's almost finished my new outdoor pen--she put blocks down and is covering them with 1/2" rubber mats in pretty colors so it will be soft on my butt when I am in it. I can enjoy the fresh air and keep an eye on the other dogs.

This morning mom put a pair of cutoffsweat pants over my butt and brought me into the diningroom where I have another favorite spot to lay down on the tile floor.....she got my water and ice cubes which I love to chew on but the silly woman put them about 3 feet out of my reach....turned and looked at me and smiled...she said no invalids here--you can do it and left me there--dang I wanted those cubes.......well I showed her and pushed my front legs up, leaned on my other side that isn't sore and "scooched" and got my cubes.....what was she thinking anyway! Then I saw her looking down at me from upstairs with a smile on her face.

The pictures are here too but warning....some a a little graphic....jus remember I am healing nicely, I am happy and healthy and I will get this all figured out in a short time as I continue to heal nothing has stopped me before and this won't either....I will TRIUMPH.......hugs and love Triumph

popeye update--video
Posted by Moe on 4/25/2009 12:33 PM
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check this out folks....3 days later

triumph last amputation this Monday 4/27
Posted by Moe on 4/25/2009 8:12 AM
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Over 6 years ago I was blessed to have a beautiful ice blue eyed siberian husky enter my life. It didn't matter that she didn't have any back legs because some sick person had cut them off....the bones still sticking out and the legs infected. Thru miracle after miracle and the generosity of people from all over the world, Triumph triumphed as she will again this Monday when we have to amputate her remaining back "leg". For over 6 years we gave her "legs" starting out with home made ones and then going on to the permanently implanted ones. Last October we had to amputate the right leg because of massive infection and we were concerned about whether the remaining left implant could support did for 6 months but now has failed. She has a torn ACL and collateral damage and has set off an infection. Her 3 vets have evaluated her, all kinds of digital x-rays have been done and the decision really was made for us....

I want to share with you however how once again the Universe worked for Triumph. About 3 weeks ago (when Triumph was not having any issues) I had an email from a gal in California and she was having to make a decision about her dog Popeye.....he is paralyzed from the waist down. She had found Triumph's web site and had been searching for someone who had a similar problem. We ended up talking on the phone at length and she explained how she had gone from vet to vet with Popeye and trying to make a decision as to whether he would be better off by having his back legs amputated instead of being dragged around behind him. He has a cart like Triumph but of course they cannot be in the carts too long. Popeye had his bilateral amputations this past Wednesday and he is doing awesome. I got confirmation on Triumph yesterday. Judy also sent me a short video clip of another dog Sugar who had to have double rear amputations. She also sent a note about how much Triumph's story had helped her thru her decision. Now Popeye, Sugar and Judy are inspirations to Triumph and me. Never doubt what the Universe will bring you when you need it.

Triumph has affected the lives of so many in such positive ways.

I will of course be at her side as always on Monday as our journey together takes a new direction. Today we hope to complete her "customized" outdoor pen which she can use when not on wheels.....complete with rubber floor......we are designing "designer pants" with memory foam to keep her butt comfortable and honestly, it will not surprise me if we see Triumph handstanding her way around from time to time with her butt in the air saying "kiss my butt I can do fine on two legs". I will continue to carry her around in her in her handled walk-a-bout as I have been when it's time for "business". Yes, we will have adjustments to make but Triumph has always manged to let me know what they need to be and I expect she will continue to do so. She is in great health going into this, has always healed well and in short time as she receives both regular veterinary care as well as holistic care. Her eyes are their beautiful ice blue, her personality is as bubbly as ever and her spirit remains undaunted. I realize there are some folks out there that think I should be making an alternative decision here but that is not up for consideration or conversation! Triumph will TRIUMPH.

This has been one of the hardest pieces of news I have had to give all you who follow her story, who have been such a part of us and have given such strength to us in times of need. My heart is heavy that this has to be done, my eyes are swollen from tears but as she placed her head in my lap and looked at me with those big blue eyes I got the message "it's ok mom--we can do this" and do it we will.

So--please put your paws together and send us some prayers, I will post her site Monday with an update. I am sending this link to Sugar so you can see how amazing our furry friends are......and also a picture of Popeye 24 hrs after his surgery riding home from the hospital.

Posted by Triumph on 4/2/2009 8:06 AM
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well mom has finally calmed down--it took 13 days to get the report back on my tumor but all is well and we don't expect any further trouble. I had my stitches taken out last Friday and I have healed very well in fact that mom put me back in my cart yesterday and I wandered around for an hour or so while she worked around the yard. It was a beautiful day with warm sunshine and it felt so good. I had to have my tummy heal before I could use my cart again. She also fix up my outdoor kennel where I can lay in the sun on one of my beds and enjoy all the fresh air.

I went to a school this week too and mom and I and some other people talked about the responsibilities of having a pet and mom spoke about animal was fun meeting all the kids at Leeds School.

Thank you everybody for all your prayers and emails.....I know they helped mom too--we've made it thru another adventure together....she told me we don't need any more like Triumph

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