Triumph's Story Her legs may be missing, but her spirit isn't!

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Goodbye Triumph
Posted by Moe on 5/26/2013 10:31 AM
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Triumph whose legs may have been missing but whose spirit never faltered earned her silver harness early yesterday morning. Her 10 year journey of inspiration to people worldwide is her legacy. Her accomplishments were many from her work as a therapy dog in hospitals, nursing homes, her work with children in schools in Project Read programs and inspirational talks "she" gave to say nothing of being the forerunner in the world of permanently implanted prosthetics leading the way of hope for human amputees. Her beautiful blue eyes looked into many souls. She was a healer, at times a clown. She was featured on Animal Planet, was written up in books, newspapers, articles, received the Heroic Dog of the Year from the Humane Society along with many other awards. The biggest thing she gave was love to everyone she met. She showed how no matter what your challenge you can overcome it. She will be so missed but we know she is running in the meadow at the Rainbow Bridge her mission here complete. Thank you my girl for all you did and most of all thank you for letting me be the blessed on at the end of your leash and all the lessons you taught me.

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