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I Need Your Help...
Posted by Triumph on 7/24/2006 4:24 PM
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Mom just got off the phone with the surgeon.....we fly to Denver on surgery is on loose implant will be removed.....cultures for bacteria and micro organisms will be taken......insertion/impregnation of antibiotic beads in my leg bone that holds the implant will be done Post-operatively. I will be fitted with a temporary external prosthesis until the new implant, which will be made during the interim, will be put in......the new implant will go into place anywhere from 3-6 weeks following surgery depending on what the cultures, radiographs etc., show......NOTHING is being left unturned. Phone calls have been going on all day to assure that everyone has "their ducks in a row" and that everything will be in place and in order.

At this time I am also having to ask for your help... the "well has run dry"........ this next course of treatment is going to involve 4-5 trips to Denver over the next few months..... Mom is going to have to raise at least $3000 just for my necessary airfares to get back and forth. This effort is being handled by Healing Touch for Animals in Denver who has established a fund for me..... The Triumph Fund...... for those of you who feel you can, please help..... would you please post and cross post this effort to your email lists that have followed my journey and mission. Once again, "Uncle Bob" the surgeon is donating all his fees as well as those of the hospital along with the implant specialists and Mom, of course, covers all my expenses, radiographs, cultures and medications here. It is going to be another 24/7 journey for us over the next few months, but I have assured Mom that we can do it.

It was very heartwarming when last week CBS news in Denver announced that because of me the first human implant will be being done in the near future. I have tried to give my all... can you please help me find a way for the flights......anyone having United Airline miles that would like to donate them...............

Will keep you posted........ Triumph Contributions can be sent to: Healing Touch For Animals, P.O. Box 262171, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80163-2171

Telephone 1-303-470-6572

Website where you can see information on the Triumph Fund

A Video Update on Triumph
Posted by Michelle on 7/15/2006 11:12 AM
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CBS 4 in Denver has done another story on Triumph's progress since her surgery to implant artificial legs last summer. There is still work to do and there are still challenges to overcome, but you can see Triumph walking on four legs all by herself in the video, so she's moving in the right direction!

Check out the story here.

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