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Some surgery today.....
Posted by Moe on 7/31/2008 6:31 PM
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I received a call this afternoon from the Vet's office asking me to get Triumph up there ASAP.....the new lab we had sent cultures to wanted some actual tissue samples by tomorrow AM.....I dropped everything of course and we were up there with 1/2 hr.....straight to the OR all would have been so very proud of her.....she had some light sedation, and a load of local anesthetic. Dr. Gables took tissue samples from the front of the leg and the back of the leg along with some very deep swabs up the implant......she cried some and I think we all did too.....she's been thru so much but we need an answer here......the cultures and tissue were immediately prepared for shipment, packed in ice and I personally took them to the overnight place with about 15 min to spare to guarantee delivery by tomorrow 10:30 am......whew! Informed them it was an emergency and that the samples HAD to be there at Auburn Univ. Lab by AM.......they informed me it would be almost $40 but I told them that didn't matter what mattered was that it got there....I have tracking #'s and will be doing just that! She's a little sluggish but I promised her she could have some vanilla ice cream a little later.......that seems to perk her up......meanwhile we continue the ointments, bandaging etc...... will keep you keep up the prayers

Thanks WSMV!
Posted by Michelle on 7/30/2008 2:58 PM
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Last week, WSMV TV in Nashville gave a short mention of the tough time Triumph has had lately. There is a short mention online too. Thanks so much to them for their support.

Vet Visit news
Posted by Moe on 7/29/2008 4:47 PM
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well, we've lost 3 weeks because of the lab screw up where somebody threw out Triumph's there's no help we started over with new swabs to send off to a totally different lab for cultures that we hope will give us some information by the end of this week......everything is being overnighted in all directions...

good news...the left leg implant is doing very well and I can leave the bandages off.....have to watch carefully, but it's looking pretty good.....bad news the right leg may have a secondary's oozing some new blood.....directions for me are to discontinue the clorox and sodium choloride solution but continue the surgical soap with lots of rinse, continue application of essential oils, and the Mupirocin ointment and wrapping and whatever else I've been doing.

Meanwhile prayers are working well....and there's always a little humor in the day.....Triumph loves her little "brother" Duncan (no matter what she says) so well she was sitting and watching him take down my French cooking book off the bookshelf and chew it up.....I know he's not hungry so must be he decided to become a gourmet cook...and who knows maybe Triumph thought she was the beneficiary ......NOT.....they both got yelled at.... I do wish I'd had a camera tho.......

So we are hopefully on our way to progress....if we can once positively identify what the infections is then we follow the program that will hopefully work. Meanwhile I want to personally thank all of you who have prayed, contributed and helped me thru some very dark hours......Triumph and I have been together 24/7 for over 5 years and I cannot even think of life without her.....but her name is TRIUMPH and with all of us in her corner I cannot imagine anything but a Triumphant finale.....she is only about 6 1/2 -7 years old and has many more missions to accomplish.....thanks....Moe

A Happy Tale day
Posted by Triumph on 7/27/2008 2:09 PM
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Click to view: Happy Tales Gourmet Bag
Miss Emilie (a friend of mine)visited yesterday and you would have thought it was a birthday or Christmas or something. She brought me a whole bag of goodies at Happy reTales which is a store where all the profits go to Happy Tales Humane....I sure know what it is like to be in a shelter and they take real good care of their animals there....... and wait until you see the pictures she took. It was so little "brother" Duncan (who thinks he's king) kept begging me to share.....I might....a little anyway cause mom says it's not polite to be selfish.....I'm feeling good today....RAN across the yard......with mom following me hollering to slow would think at her age is the one who should slow down........course I do give her a run for the says we're going to figure this thing out one way or the other.......I will get well.....meanwhile look at Miss Emilie's pictures....she took them all.....hugs Triumph

some news
Posted by Triumph on 7/27/2008 9:08 AM
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Well, we found out why we weren't hearing anything.......My vet Godfather Dr. Gables had asked the lab to save my cultures because he wanted some more tests and they would need to be sent out.......somebody wasn't listening because they threw them out........He had worked so hard to find the perfect human lab who agreed to do the samples and now..... ....they cannot take swabs but must have the actual cultures so we start again.......meanwhile mom continues her usual routine of cleaning, spraying, soaking, wrapping etc of my legs......I think she can do it in her a matter of fact I'm not too sure but she was half asleep at 2:30 the other morning when she was doing them.....but my left leg is looking so much if we can just get the right one to get better........nothing we're doing is very "scientific" but something sure is helping the left is posting some pictures for me later today so tune in and come back........and thank you again for all of you who are sending me well wishes, prayers and Triumph

Still waiting for some news
Posted by Triumph on 7/26/2008 7:40 AM
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Click to view: My Buddy from Sweden
Mom says that there is some kind of old saying that no news is good news.....we still are waiting to hear from the Drs. as to what's next. Mom continues to take care of my legs....sometimes I wish she'd forget just one session because the one thing she sprays on stings like the devil..........oh well today is red sock day.

I didn't feel good yesterday so I spent most of the day sleeping. I have a stuffed toy that a wonderful lady from Sweden sent me and I curl up with him.....he even looks like me as you can see in the pictures. I gave him a pair of my old legs to wear so he would look even more like me.....he's soft and cuddly and makes me feel better.......none of my sisters are allowed to touch him.....I make sure of soon as we hear something mom will post it right away......hugs Triumph

my blue socks
Posted by Triumph on 7/22/2008 2:25 PM
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Click to view: blue socks
Hi everybody...thought I'd grab the computer to at least say hello and thank you all who are wishing me'll see my blue socks in the pix I am attaching....actually it's vet wrap over my bandages to keep my wounds clean but I call them socks.......but mom really screwed up the other day......she ran out so there I was with one leg that had a pink sock with blue paw prints and the other leg had a lime green sock with dark green paw prints.....I felt like an idiot.....who ever heard of such a combination she said I'd have to be patient until she got to the store for least it was only for 6 hrs until she had to do the routine and rebandage I have red socks and blue ones......matching.

I just got back from my walk in the yard checking everything out and mom took these the one you will see my little "brother"......he came from a bad situation where there were 50 dogs in a small room all walking around in their poop and stuff........he had been deemed unadoptable and they asked mom if she would try to work with him for a week.........course that was 4 months ago.......guess he's not leaving.....he's still pretty afraid of everything but he curls up with me....he can walk on a leash now and has learned to eat out of a bowl instead of off the floor......he sure didn't have any manners when he got here and good grief.....he's not even a siberian.......

we are waiting for news from the vets to see what they are going to try next, meanwhile we keep everything clean and put on salves does hurt some when mom scrubs with the soap etc but I stay real still for her so it gets done faster......once in awhile I will grumble a little just to make sure she knows it hurts besides it gets me a homemade doggie biscuit.......

mom or I will write to you again soon......thanks again Triumph

prayers do work
Posted by Moe on 7/22/2008 7:11 AM
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the universe works in such strange ways but I have learned not to question it.....

some of you may not have know that Dr. Robert Taylor (Uncle Bob as Triumph calls him) left Alameda East out in Colorado almost 2 yrs ago and retired. He was the primary surgeon for the implant we haven't seen or heard from him since then.......the universe works in strange ways because Triumph's primary Dr. here in Mt. Juliet Animal Care Center Dr. Scott Gables who has also taken care of her since her arrival in the states along with Dr. Helen Berschneider of Foot Hills Holistic received a call from him this morning.........he stepped up for his girl after he heard for her problem and they went into today we spent time up there getting lots of digital films which are being emailed out to him and he also wants tests run at a human hospital laboratory right away and then more decisions and consults will be made as to what we can do..........meanwhile I am to continue with the topical scrubs, ointment, soaks, essential oils etc.....the soaks are dead sea salt and water and another a mixture of clorox and sodium chloride spritzed on till it soaks in well then when dried followed with the ointment and essential oils then rewrapped.......this.....every 6 hours.....she's such a trooper when I have to do this.......and then of course she gets a homemade doggie cookie treat.

will continue to keep you all posted the best I can.......

now for the hard part for me......we have been asked for some "up front" money to cover the expenses of the human hospital lab work, (no such thing as "doggie insurance for this) overnite Fed-X expenses, plus vets, digitals, ointment etc., etc. there is the Triumph Fund which is handled by Wilson County Bank for anyone who feels they might like to contribute to help offset the ever mounting costs......who knows thru all this and what once again she will teach us we may be able to help a lot of on the donate page........but most importantly please, please keep the prayer chain going.....

prayers needed for Triumph
Posted by Moe on 7/21/2008 4:01 PM
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Click to view: some pix
I'm having to write for Triumph this time as she has a very bad infection in both implants. We found out Saturday afternoon that she has a big time infection......MAJOR MRSA in BOTH IMPLANTS......according to the lab and all results, cultures, sensivity tests run there is no known anitbiotic to treat with..........

I am still scrubbing the implants with surgical soap, cleaning and applying ointment and redressing every 4-6 hrs....I've tried every lotion, potion, Reiki, Healing Touch, and anything else alternative I can think of......the worst of it is to watch her....she eats well, still takes her walks in the yard, still comes up the stairs if she thinks I might be sneaking a snack she didn't know about.......she's completely herself except for the legs......she's the sick one and I'm the one coming unglued.......she doesn't seem to be in any pain.........she thinks I'm a pain when she see's me coming every few hours with my army of soaps and stuff....... ...we have calls in to Chris Sidebotham at Biomedrics in NJ,......Scott (one of her vets here) wants to run some more tests tomorrow and talk to some special pharmacologist as well as Chris...........I will not accept that there is not something we can get those prayers rolling

We are contacting all those that have been involved with her implant program from the beginning and just feel and believe something will turn up....

I will keep you posted as we find out what to do

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