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Ultramet & Richard Kaplan save the day (or rather my leg)
Posted by Triumph on 8/23/2006 3:29 PM
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Ultramet will be making the porous tantalum body for my revision implant. Ultramet and Richard Kaplan are VERY IMPORTANT people. Richard Kaplan is the physicist, inventor of the porous tantalum material and has agreed to help with my case.

This material is currently used by Zimmer for many human applications on a production basis (hips, knees, shoulders, spine, etc).

If we didn't have Richard Kaplan's support, we would have not had the material to make this revision implant and I would not have a new leg. You can read all about Ultramet's contribution to human can review it at the Zimmer website under Trabecular Metal.

Once again people you never get to see or really know about SAVE THE DAY AND MY LEG!! I'm not sure how grateful I can get but believe me......I LOVE THEM ALL!

I know the angels are watching over them and me both....give them a big hand which they deserve. I sure hope someday I can walk for all these people to see and I would really like to meet them.....hugs Triumph

"Nashville Paw" magazine features Triumph
Posted by Michelle on 8/9/2006 10:56 AM
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Nashville Paw magazine has a story on Triumph in its August/September issue, including a couple of great photos (it turns out that Triumph looks VERY stylish in a pair of goggles!).

You can download the magazine in PDF format by going to Click on the "PAW Issues" link at the left, then look for "Humane Education Issue - Aug/Sept 2006." The file is a zipped PDF, so you will need an unzip utility and Acrobat Reader to open the magazine file. Triumph's story is on page 13.

Posted by Triumph on 8/7/2006 9:58 AM
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Mom tries hard to find out who all the folks are that have worked so hard for me to have legs. The people who are behind the scenes that I don't get to see in person but who are the ones that help make it all happen. PMMI; Precision Metal Machining, Inc. in Saddle Brook, NJ. They played a key role in machining the implants for me in record time (they worked Sat & Sun). They are a highly technical machine shop with over 27 years experience in machining medical implants for humans. They helped and contributed their time and material costs to produce my legs. They have since assisted in the leg extensions and machining of the original rubber feet.

Alpine Elastomer Products in Fair Field, NJ. David McCrink assisted with the mold and rubber feet.

And of course my "Uncle Chris" at BioMedtrix in New Jersey who just never gives up finding people and working on the best design for the implants and my rubber feet and "tweaking" all the critical things that are involved in the extremely complex project.

I have never met them but sure appreciate everything they have done. These are such important contributions to this cutting edge technology.

It is almost overwhelming to know how many people have done so much and are so involved and so unselfish......but I stand tall, and walk because of them.

Hugs & scratches to them Triumph

Posted by Moe on 8/3/2006 2:11 PM
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Click to view: My friend Austin
Today is my 2nd day after surgery and I'm really feeling pretty good. The doctor let me come to Aunt Carol's house last nite after they took me off the IV pain killers and gave mom pills for me. I am so much more comfortable here and I'm sure letting them pamper me.

I wanted to share with you all some of the things that occurred here in Denver. First of all when I arrived, Animal Planet was here again and they have followed me all around.....even in surgery. I will probably be on their show sometime after the first of the year. CBS Denver is also following me around.....quite the celebrity. I also found out that just before my arrival, the Denver magazine "5280" had a picture of me with Dr. Taylor from Alameda East in it.

But....the most incredible thing happened that clearly continues to validate my mission in life. You know how much I love to visit people in schools and hospitals. Last week before we left Tennessee, mom received an email fromj a lady in Oregon who's nephew who lives in California was in Denver and had been in an accident and had to have his leg amputated. She read on the internet that I would be in Denver and wondered if there was any way I could visit him...of course I wanted to go so mom and Godmother Carol took me to the hospital.

Mom is working on the pictures now.. I now have another new friend....his name is Austin and he is 15 years old. He's a really cool guy and is making great progress. He was a little groggy from his medications (boy do I know that feeling) but we managed to communicate. I showed him my prosthesis and mom explained about them to him. He smiled. He's going to get a new leg too and knows that down the road all kinds of new things are happening. I assured him that there wouldn't be anything he couldn't do. Sometimes we just have to go about it in a little diffent way. He may get to go back to California this week but we are going to stay in touch via email. Small world isn't it.

Mom says I seem to have the mission of visiting people and communicating with them or just give them my unconditional love. I guess she's right because I sure love everyone.

On my last trip here while mom and I were waiting in the airport a big plane came in and when the passengers were unloading a man got off and turned around and saw me. He came over and asked mom if he could please touch and pet me. She said yes and he got down and gave me a really big hug and loved on me. He looked up at mom and said "I can't tell you how good it is to touch a dog again.....I'm just coming home from Iraq and my dog died while I was away." I gave him lots of extra loves........guess I was in the right place at the right time once again to spread all the love I have to just seems to multiply.


Posted by Moe on 8/3/2006 2:01 PM
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Click to view: Best result
Tuesday's surgery went very, very, well. The biggest fear we had was that the recent infection had been the cause of the loosening of the was not the cause....last year when the original implant was inserted Triumph had a hairline addition, when she walked,she did so with a slight twisting a result, the implant itself never integrated with the bone the way it should have and over a period of a year, it simply loosened.

Visually Dr. Taylor saw no infection in the tissue and the preliminary results and slides are showing no infection. The bone canal, however, was still filled with antibiotic beads which will absorb over the next 6 weeks insuring further that there is not any infection. Tissue samples are being analyzed at Alameda as well as being sent to an independent lab for examination. It was as if a cheer reverbrated from the operating room through out the hospital when the results came back....cheers from everyone. "Uncle Bob" (Dr. Taylor and Dr. Hugate) were so happy with what they saw. This also meant that the bone did not have to be cut back as far as they anticipated if infection had been present. She will have a speedier recovery and as a result of what was learned, her new implant is being redesigned so when it is put in it will be fixated in place so no twisting or rotation will be possible.

On Friday Triumph will have a cast made from which a temporary prosthesis will be made to aid and stabilize motion for her over the next 2 months while she heals and the new implant is being made. A lot will be learned from the implant that was removed.....her actual tissue had really implanted well into the micro mesh and there was excellent blood supply clearly showing that this will work.

The operating room was very crowed.....CBS news was there, the production crew from Animal Planet was there along with various surgeons and "Godmother Carol"....Carol Komitor the founder of Healing Touch for Animals who ran energy during the entire procedure. Difficult as it was for a mom, I watched and was hooked by headphones into the microphones of the surgeons so I had a blow by blow immediate knowing of what was happening with my girl.

Triumph was taken then to ICU where the crew there took such excellent care of her.....her pain is being managed well and she is really doing extremely well....within a day and a half, she transferred over to oral pain management and I brought here here to Carol's house late today to recooperate. She's being well pampered and watched...she is on a normal diet but cannot walk without assistance which will pretty much be the case for a couple months even after the prosthesis is available. We do not want to stress the left implant which at this time is firmly in tact and doing well.

We face more trips and more hurdles, but Triumph has shown that one gets over the bumps in the road....the times I faltered....she assured me that all was going to be well.

We have a couple other adventures to share from our trip and have photos to share which should be up here on the site within the week so......stay tuned....

Posted by Moe on 8/3/2006 2:01 PM
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Click to view: My Friend Maggie
While mom and I were sitting in the waiting room to go back for my surgery mom and another lady kept looking at each other as if they knew each other and guess what.......they did.....course I already knew that but mom can be slow sometimes.

Last year when I was here for my implants, her dog Maggie was here for a hip replacement.....well, she had to come back for another one on the other side and was in surgery. Maggie is a rescue dog too. I tried to make Maggies' mom feel better while she was petting me. Imagine both of us being here again together at the same time.

The day after our surgeries our moms took us out into Dusty's Garden and put us on blankets so we could visit and compare notes together. The sun felt really good too. When Maggie's mom learned how many more trips I have to come back she very generously offered mom her air miles towards our travels. Wasn't that just something! Maggie and I are both hopefully going home Saturday, meanwhile our moms are keeping us comfortable and showering us with all kinds of love and pampering (as well they should). Our moms said it would be nice to get together sometime but under different circumstances.....I'll agree to that.

Check out our pictures...see how pretty Maggie Triumph

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