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Posted by Moe on 8/28/2008 4:23 PM
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Had the final meeting with the Drs. this am at UT Vet. Teaching Hospital and I quote:

DIAGNOSIS & PROGNOSIS: Triumph was here for a bone scan of her hind limbs as well as radiographs to assess bone structure around the implants.

The results of these two procedures was that no evidence of osteomyelitis was found. There is no evidence of a bacterial infection around the implants at this time."

She has to go for recheck radiographs in 6 months so that they can continue to monitor the bone-implant interface for early signs of aseptic loosening. If everything continues to look good at that time she will have yearly rechecks to assess implant stability.

Other than that I am to monitor the implants as I have been doing for the past 3 years......

Prayers have been answered! The last two months have surely been some of the longest days of my life....I couldn't even be with her yesterday because she was radioactive.....they would not allow anyone to touch her.......empty bed without my snuggle bunny.

We're both pretty tired but I surely will sleep better tonite. Thank you each and everyone for your support and prayers....It got us through a very tough time.


Bette Davis Eyes
Posted by Michelle on 8/27/2008 7:58 PM
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All the boys think she's a spy... Triumph and her mom Moe ran into her friend Emilie yesterday at the Animal Care Center back home in Mt. Juliet, TN. Triumph and Moe were about to hit the road to University of Tennessee at Knoxville to meet with the vets there, and try to find a way to fix the awful time she's been having with her implants. But Triumph was gracious enough to pause for photos and smiles before setting out on her road trip. See her looking gorgeous, and very brave, at Emilie's photo album.

on our way to Knoxville
Posted by Moe on 8/25/2008 3:59 PM
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WE JUST GOT THE CALL....we have an appointment 10:30 Wednesay at the University of Tennessee so we are leaving tomorrow morning after her vet check for Knoxville....will find a pet friendly motel and get oriented so we are in the right place at the right time and be rested to face the day.......this is the big one.....this should give us the answer as to whether we will have to face major surgery on the leg......please everyone prayers, positive energy and anything else you know and lots of it.......we see her as well and held in God's gentle arms in peace to get through this.

Will let you all know as soon as I can......we will probably not get home until Friday.


ouch, owe, owie
Posted by Triumph on 8/22/2008 1:15 PM
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boy oh boy I am so tired of being stuck with needles.....we had to go again this morning to get another catheter changed, get more meds and....asked Dr Gables if he heard from UT yet...not yet but he hopes they say.....our bags are packed and we are ready to go..I sure would like all of this over and know the answer about the bone mom has to continue with the 3 iv's a day until we have more answers....the infections are sure better than a couple weeks ago....I still get tired faster but....some friends have sent me more treats and another lady brought me some today.....course mom won't let me have them all at once.......I'm getting lots of emails and trying to keep up with them...don't want to forget to thank anyone for contributions, prayers and of course the best treats of all......hugs Triumph

a new door opened
Posted by Moe on 8/19/2008 3:22 PM
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I've heard it said that when one door closes another will open.....thank you God....well, when the Auburn door shut, the Univ. of Tennesse door opened thru a vet in Virginia......I want to tell you that her vet Dr. Scott Gables is very dedicated to this dog and does not give up.....we will probably be leaving next week for a few days at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where Triumph will undergo nuclear medicine two fold bone scans. This is supposed to give us a definite diagnosis as to whether or not she has bone invasion or damage or whether it is all soft tissue involvement.......pray for soft tissue otherwise it will mean major surgery, removal of the implant etc........don't know what days yet but will certainly keep you posted here at the site so stay tuned........otherwise her infections are improving.....they should with 3 iv's a day.....her spirits are wonderful, her appetite is she laid out under "her" tree in the back yard for quite a time enjoying the sunshine......she's walking without any limp so now it's still on with the prayers.......everything possible is being done for her......I just overnighted again a whole new set of digitals that the vet at UT wanted to look at.....we took them this afternoon so it's the latest available.


no go at Auburn
Posted by Moe on 8/15/2008 11:06 AM
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Another door shut on trying to get what we need to determine bone damage from the infections....Auburn just felt they did not have what was we are looking for another source......her vet Scott Gables has word of a former UT Doc that is now in Virginia and he is trying to make contact with him......we understand he is also very good.......another door will open somewhere along the way so we can get the answers we need........meanwhile we continue the 3 iv's a day and they are helping but she's going to have to take a bunch more before we can stop...yesterday the one catheter went bad and her foot swelled up like a paddle....I told her she could paddle in the kayak with me......took her up right away to the vet and took out that catheter and put a new one in the opposite leg......hope this one lasts as some of the veins are getting flat... and I do not want to have to do a neck stick on her.......will continue to keep you all keep the prayers going

saw my Doc
Posted by Triumph on 8/12/2008 8:50 AM
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Well they changed my IV catheter from the left leg to the right and I was very good about it all....but then I always am cause I know they are trying to help me. Guess I'm getting used to those dang needles. The I got a shot of steroids to help reduce the swelling in the leg. The next program seems to be a trip to Auburn University in Alabama which is about a 700 mile round trip but Dr Scott says they have all the equipment there needed for my tests. Now that we are working on the infection we have to find out how much damage has been caused to the bone and whether there is osteomyelitis and whether the implant is going to have to be removed. That means probably some neucular medicine tests and bone scans. Like mom said, we'll do whatever we have to do....that's a pretty long ride and we will have to find a motel that will let me stay there for the nite with her too. Not all motels take dogs.

So, now you know the spirits stay high, my appetite is good and I do walk around some. The leg overall looks better this week than last.......not as much sticky stuff coming out so mom isn't having to shower the leg quite as much altho she does it when I come in from the yard plus a couple other times a day just to keep it washed and clean. I'm trying how to get the shower head and spray her!

Will keep you Triumph

and again thanks for all the prayers and contributions

a little more update
Posted by Moe on 8/9/2008 7:00 PM
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several people have asked about the IV's she gets so here is the explanation....she receives 3 IV dosages per day for 30 days........time wise I have to flush the catheter before each dose.....and the dose itself has to be administered slowly or vomiting can occur.......($42 per vial--yields only 2 doses so$63 per day just for the meds which I do here at home).......we make it just fine....I just sit with her and pet on her until it is all in.......we have had no vomiting at all....of course she then has to have a treat which lately is orange sherbet and ice cubes. Monday we are going to change the catheter from the left leg to the right one.......don't want the veins sore or getting flat. The new e-collar I bought her isn't her favorite thing but she is doing so much better with it.....last nite for the first time I left it off when I took her into bed with me and put a pillow case over the leg so she couldn't lick it....and still lets air in....seemed to work pretty well which gives her a break. Today Dr. Scott spoke with the ortho pod specialist and he has now referred us to a radiologist.......we can't do anything more on that before Monday so.......we will get on it asap.

She has enjoyed a couple rides in the car..gets her doggie biscuit at the bank drive up window..she's walking pretty well even if not for long distances......altho she almost flipped me today when I took her for a walk out front and a stray dog was walking down HER road......I have no doubt that if she had not been on her leash (which when out front she ALWAYS is) she would have RUN after the little dog leaving me on my butt in the grass. She's still siberian strong!

will post any new news next week......again thank you to all for prayers and contributions.....don't know what I would do without

some encouraging answers
Posted by Moe on 8/8/2008 11:50 AM
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Click to view: DANG e-collars
Yesterday we received confirmation from Auburn about the two (2) infections and that they would respond to the same IV drug that we had already 3 times a day our girl receives IV'S for 30 days and we are leaving the leg unbandaged so the air can help dry that part I went and got her new e-collar which is much easier on her.....of course she tried to figure her way out and quickly learned that wasn't going to get it.

Monday we will move the catheter to the other leg--has to be done every 5-7 days.....her appetite is good, she is not limping.

Our next biggest battle is whether the infection has invaded the bone.....Dr. Gables is consulting with a specialist ortho pod and has said she will likely have to have a cat scan in the near future. Right now we are trying to get her strength back up and we will go from there. Of course if it is in the bone we will have to take the implant out....hopefully this will not happen.

We continue to thank all of you who have been supportive and generous with prayers and donations.....just to show you how much our local vets care....her vials of meds did not arrive yesterday as scheduled.....not wanting her to miss any doses, they went to the nearest human hospital and picked up enough to get us through until today........she will use 90 vials in all before we are done. I get the "oh no not that again" look each time I show up with meds but she doesn't move an inch.....just let's me do what needs to be done. She is one amazing dog.....but I think we all know that.

hugs, Moe

some update report from lab
Posted by Moe on 8/5/2008 6:17 PM
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boy time sure can be the enemy when you are anxiously waiting to hear something......we have a preliminary report.....Triumph has 2 different is aerobic and one is non-aerobic....don't ask me the names I cannot say them no less spell them....... they have not yet recommended a course of treatment but had some suggestions.....neither of the infections are MRSA although apparently just as dangerous we inserted a catheter in her front leg and have started a 3x a day program of cefoxitin..........since there is no one at the vet's office all nite, I am doing all the IV's here at the flushing of the leg when she comes in from outdoors as well as 3 other times a day......we are leaving the bandages off to see if drying out will help.........which means she has to wear an Elizabethian collar so she doesn't lick the wound.......oh my we are not happy about that but are learning our way with's the old fashioned lamp shade kind and I am going on line to see if I can find a more modern one like the ones they had at Alameda East......she had no trouble eating dinner, chewing her ice cubes etc......doubt she'll have any trouble when she gets a tad of vanilla ice cream later before bed.........

all drs are in touch, the lab will be sending more results as they are finished.....and Triumph.....well, all I can say is she is courage in complaints as usual....she is an example to all of us......I will try to take a picture of her tomorrow with her "hat" on......that will please more round of meds tonite and I'm headed for the bed.........which of course she will be in so I can make sure she doesn't try to lick the wound somehow during the nite.....hugs and love and thanks to all who have kept me

tissue samples rec'd at lab
Posted by Moe on 8/1/2008 7:08 PM
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we received a call from Auburn University that they received the tissue samples etc at 10:14 am and hoped to have news for us by's going to be a long partner " is going to stay with Triumph (after dressing changes) tomorrow because I'm going to go and blow it out on a 12 mile kayak run......I need to release physical and emotional stress and kayaking is one of the ways I do it....we have about 28 boats making the run......I can only do up to class II's now since my 2 arm surgeries (after carrying a 55 lb dog around for 6 months while she was 3 legged--tore up some nerves that they have since tried to relocate but have limitations) but...I'll give up the rushes for the peace and quiet of mother nature flowing down more calm rivers....Triumph said I was the one that should slow down anyway....sometimes I also have to listen to her.....will let you all know as soon as I do......hugs moe

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