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Triumph Going Home Again
Posted by Triumph on 9/20/2005 5:41 PM
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Hi everybody.....Dr. Taylor took lots of digital x-rays this morning and they are now sent off to the folks that are making the next part for my prosthesis and we have to come back to Denver again in about 3-4 weeks. He also said we could put smaller bandages on my legs and once again he is so very happy with what he is seeing and for mom to keep up everything that she is doing on a daily basis because it is working! Darn, that means I still can't walk on my own even tho I know I can and sure want to......clean bandages every day and another week of antibiotics more walking than we have been doing....I have no temperature and my weight has stayed the says we have to watch my weight because we can't have too many pounds on these I get carrots for treats instead of biscuits....oh wellllllllll at least I like them......she said once I can exercise and stay fit we can have a few more treats.

see me on the plane in one of the pix.....I went 1st class....I loved to eat some special treats and had my own water cup with ice.....then slept the rest of the way between mom's feet.

thought you might like the photo of me and joey too....we were kind of squaring off and getting smug with each other but.......soon I will chase him and that will change his tune! Triumph

Triumph great report!
Posted by Triumph on 9/19/2005 7:48 PM
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Hi everybody...Godmothers, Aunts, Uncles etc......I went to my Dr Taylor at Alameda East today and got to see all my friends again.....they took all kinds of x-rays and looked at them and checked out my legs to see how they were healing.....Dr. Taylor said he was very please with everything.......he was going to be in touch with the bio-medrics lab about being ready for part two.....they are going to make the parts that will for now be shorter than my final legs and foot.....they want to bring me up gradually to height and in a way that will not stress the new "bones" that are still forming.....he said my stress fracture was healing very nicely....I am getting a bit of calcification on that darn right leg but he figures that is from the hairline fracture and it is not in any joint or I go back again tomorrow.....he thought they might have some sketches of what my next part will be and has to continue to support me with the walk about belly band and support my weight by the same 50% and carry me for another probably 3-4 weeks until we come back for that attachment.....She's getting some great muscles for her age tho.....:) .It looks like we're pretty much on the schedule Dr. Taylor originally mapped out....hopefully I'll get to chase the Thanksgiving I can catch it too.....Same daily bandage changes and restrictions....boy is this a long process but it will be worth it......we will likely have another 3-4 flights back and forth before we are done......

I'M GOING TO BE ON TV again Wednesday nite.....unfortunately you all won't get it but for those that can, CBS Channel 4 Denver at 10 PM on the news is doing another segment on me......I'm a STAR! Those in the Nashville area may get something in October....Channel 5 there is doing my story and in connection with Vanderbilt Children's Hospital so I get to be on TV again...

It's good to be at Godmother Carol's house again here in Denver...I get to see Joey the cat...he got up into bed with me last nite and he has been teasing me all day today to play with him......I really think he knows I can't chase him yet out Joey when they turn me loose on me all new legs!

I'll let you all know what happens again tomorrow and........WATCH FOR MY NEW WEBSITE......Michelle has been working very hard to get me a new web site....the name will be the same will just dazzle you all......hopefully and maybe sometime next week....again I will let you know.....

love you all.......Triumph

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