Triumph's Story Her legs may be missing, but her spirit isn't!

Triumph's Story

Article about Triumph from a Turkish newspaper.

Triumph's story began in Turkey where she was found beside the road bleeding--her rear legs had been cut off! She was taken to a shelter where the first of many miracles began....they treated her wounds and kept her alive instead of euthanizing her as many would have. Her story was put in the paper there and for the next two months they tried to find her a forever home.

Unfortunately, no one came forward....however, two volunteers who worked with the shelter took a liking to her and began the huge effort of trying to find that forever person. Renin and her mother Armagon contacted a friend in Philadelphia....Coral put the story up with a picture of the dog standing on a stainless steel table with a look it was hard to ignore on the siberian rescue sites where it caught the interest of Belinda in Baltimore. Somehow it was sent via email to a woman in Nashville who has worked for years with the most severely abused dogs.....damaged either physically or emotionally. "Moe" (as she is called) is the first to tell you when she did the first reading of the story got all the way down to the part that the dog was in Turkey...she didn't see what she could do and deleted the story. That same day, another person sent the same photo with the same plea....."can you please help this animal". At that point it was obvious to Moe that she was supposed to do something and so she began getting more information and ultimately Belinda, Coral & Moe after 6 weeks of effort were able to get a plane reservaton.

Between them the contacted every International airline in the United States and all refused to transport her because of her condition. Finally the Turkish Airlines agreed to help. The money it was supposed to cost was gathered from friends, relatives anyone else who would listen to the story. The money was sent to Turkey and at the very last minute at the airport in Istanbul, Turkish Airlines informed Renin and her mother that the costs instead of a little over $500 had now gone to over $2100. Renin placed an emergency call to Moe who put up her credit card. People in Moe's office at the time told her it could be a scam and she could lose money....acting only on instinct she sent the information anyway.

A couple hours later Renin again called to say Triumph was on the plane. The airline however had not accepted the credit card...they wanted cash. Moe asked how they had gotten her on the plane....Renin's mother had gone to her life savings and put up the money believing Moe would pay her back...which of course she did. Think of the trust involved one even really spoke the same language ...had not one reason to trust more miracle on Triumph's journey took place.

Triumph was met in New York by Coral and Belinda after the long flight and they immediately took her to be checked out by a vet and she spent a nite with those two Godmothers. The next day they placed her on the plane to Nashville where she was met by her forever mom. Moe has still never met Coral, Belinda, Renin or is her wish to do so one day.

Moe had "happened" to be introduced a year before ever hearing of Triumph to a man in another town who made prosthesis for humans. When called, Tom came forward and volunteered to give making some prosthetic legs a try. After several trys Tom fashioned some prosthesis that had Triumph up and walking. Her story doesn't end there however....ultimately (and after several more miracles you can read about in detail in Triumph's story in her own words) she came to Denver and met with Carrie at Colorado Rehab and Alameda East who "happened" to introduce them to Dr. Robert Taylor who "happened" to be able to offer a brand new cutting edge surgery that hadn't been done before. Dr. Taylor just"happened" to know all the right people to make it "happen".

Triumph is now in the healing process of that cutting edge surgery that has given her permanently implanted prosthesis. Her surgery was in August and Dr. Taylor's goal is to have her chasing the Thanksgiving turkey.....what a day of thanksgiving that will be. Moe will be the first person to tell you tho that NOTHING in this dogs life has been by's as if she has a mission and a destiny that only Triumph and her maker knows. Moe has said many times that she is the blessed one who is at the end of the leash of a dog that is doing the footwork and leaving the results to God. From the first day she arrived in this country Triumph has given back by becoming a Delta Certified Therapy dog who has brought smiles to hundreds of people and children in schools and hospitals. They see her overcome her challenge and makes them want to overcome theirs too....she is known as the "Smile Bringer". She also contributed in the schools in Project R.E.A.D. where children not reading up to par read and work one on one with dogs and improve their reading levels.

There have been many "miracles" and "happenings" and funny stories in the last almost 3 years with many wonderful people can read about them all in her story which she is writing in her own words. It isn't finished yet....but--you'll get the point and if you are interested....keep coming back.


Part I Needing Help and a Forever Home

At least that is the name I have now. I'm not sure if I ever had another one suits me just fine 'cause that is what I do--triumph!

I am a dog--a Siberian Husky....not just an ordinary one either (or at least that's what my forever mom says)....and of course you know how moms can be about their children.

I do know that I am different and being different isn't a bad thing. In fact, being different for me has made me feel special and good about myself because I have learned all kinds of things that other dogs may never ever learn. I am bilingual, have eaten all kinds of international foods and I have been places and met so many people but....I'm getting ahead of myself here. That happens when I get excited.

My story begins in a country far away. It is called Turkey. I don't really remember what my life was like before my new journey began so I'll start with the part where my whole life changed.

I was found by the roadside in aplace called Adana, Turkey. Both my back legs were cut off and I was bleeding when some wonderful person found me, felt sorry for me and took me to the animal place where I was taken care of by the doctors who saved my life. That was the first miracle. I could have died, but they cared enough to nurse me back to health. I hurt a lot but didn't want anyone to hear me cry.

An article about me was in the newspaper and they tried to find me a new home, but nobody wanted me without legs. Lots of people felt sorry for me, still no home. It was here that I met two wonderful ladies that I shall never forget--Renin and her mom Armagon. They were volunteers at the rescue shelter and would pet and love on me and take me outside for awhile. I don't know what I would have done without them. I got pretty lonely sometimes and wondered what was to happen to me. All the other dogs could run and play but all I could do was watch. One day I overheard some people saying I had been there a couple months and with no home in sight or anyone to take care of me, I really couldn't stay there much longer. They said I needed a lot of special help that they couldn't provide and they were talking about a lot of things. Some people thought I should be put to sleep. Gosh I already slept a whole bunch. Some people even felt I would be "better off".......I really wasn't sure what they were talking about or what that meant, but I could tell by the tone of the voices that it wasn't very good. Armagon and Renin were upset too. I got very scared but Armagon and Renin said they were going to do something and not to worry. I waited for what seemed to be a very long time and then they came and got me. They told me I would be with them for ahile and although they couldn't give me the forever home, they would find me a forever place to stay. Another miracle in my life. I started to feel better. Armagon is such a good cook too--she gave me macaroni, cheese and sausage.

Renin said she had a friend in a place called the United States of America and maybe she could help. So, she wrote on her computer and even sent a picture of me asking for help. That's how I learned about Coral and Coral then went to work in the United States trying to find the forever home. I wondered what that was, where that would be and how could I get there with no legs.

Things got really confusing then and were pretty hard for me to understand. There were emails back and forth at all hours of the day and night and the telephone rang. It seems that if it is day in Turkey it is night in the USA-hard to understand. There were great big smiles followed by tears when things were not working out. Coral and a friend Belinda who worked with husky rescue put all kinds of messages on the internet with my story looking for help. Some people wanted to take me and raise money for their "cause" and then they would find me a forever home--others wanted me but had no way to take care of my special needs. Lots of people had lots of ideas but nothing seemed to be working out. Other folks even wanted to know what all the fuss was about over "just a dog" and thought I was a waste of time. There were people that evn though I was just something called another internet hoax. Weeks were passing. Renin and Armagon kept telling me it is going to work out--they told me to have faith--whatever that is.

We got word that Coral and Belinda were in contact with another lady in a place called Tennessee. Seems sheworked with special needs dogs in rescue, had contacts with vets and specialists, and training in working with animals. She had special methods and also used alternative healing and was willing to help and give me the forever home. Coral and Belinda received letters from people who knew her and had adopted rescues from her and felt that if anybody could help me she could. She believed that it was possible to get me some special "shoes" and that I would be able to walk again! Imagine that--that would be another miracle.

Now everyone had more seemingly insurmountable problems. Ineeded a special "house" to stay in for the travel on an airplane plus a ticket to fly along with health certificates and something called a passport. More time passing, more phones ringing. I also heard it would take something called five hundred "US dollars". They said my forever mom was working on that and although she didn't have it she would find it--something about "tapping" her friends and acquaintances....wonder what that is.....

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